Thursday, September 11, 2014

 Politics’ and People, How Much Dumber Can We Get?

                Politics’: Win at any cost. Do whatever it takes to win. Have you noticed when election time rolls around, weird physiological and mental things start happening to all politicians? Some strange form of metamorphosis takes place in all of them. A dark force emerges from deep inside of most politicians’ and takes control. It could it be that they all have some form of defective “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” gene in them that when running for a political office this gene activates and transforms most politicians from a decent person into a despicable one.
                When election time rolls around, it is very evident that their personalities change. We hear lies, half-truths, their spin on the truth, and the twisting of the facts, in their self-serving approach to get one up on their opponent, and discredit the other party by any means necessary, which always includes some form of character assassination. We also hear the “speech of the day” from speaker after speaker, which is constructed for one purpose, to control, manipulate, and invoke, the masses to react the way that either political parties want and need us to react.

                It’s very apparent that their “win at any cost or do whatever it takes to win” approach is working. When watching any major political event, as camera’s scan the audience to catch supporter reaction, it’s like watching starry eyed sheep being herded toward their slaughter.

                People: It’s embarrassing to watch. American politics’ has become nothing more than a “do whatever it takes to win” sporting event in America today. It seems that the truth does not matter anymore. What should be deeply concerning to all of us is an overall pervasive attitude that “winning at any cost” is the only thing that really matters.

                We experience intelligent yet uninformed people supporting their political party or candidate of choice. Most of these people trust their politician of choice (big mistake) to do their thinking for them in today’s society, telling them what is right and wrong, and good and bad. They are unaware, or simply don’t care, that they are getting nothing more than lip service from a political candidate who will say and do anything to get elected, which includes telling their supporters what we want to hear, never what we need to hear. The result of their trusting nature, naiveté, ignorance, being gullible, and lack of vigilance toward public affair, and their growing compliancy and apathy, has been devastating to America.

It seems that when it comes to politics’ so many American’s also have a defective gene deep inside of them that activates. We can call this gene, “the dumbass” gene. Obviously this defective gene prohibits people from thinking for themselves, using common sense, and getting informed. It destroys their ability to see the truth, while enhances their capacity to digest, accept, and absorb political B.S.

I call it “Pied Piper Politics,” which are people who have no clue what is going on in politics’, public affairs, or America.

So many uninformed and unproductive citizens don’t care about the destruction of America or the middle class, our faltering economy, growing poverty, the national debt, or our educational system that is not preparing our children, who are our future leaders, for the real world. All that concerns people with this type of mind set and attitude is voting for and supporting a political party or elected official who is promising to make sure that the freebees and handouts keep rolling in.

 What the hell happened to doing a little research and trying to get informed so one can make an informed decision? Then, for the right reasons, one can vote for the person who they feel is best quantified for the job no matter which political party the candidate they vote for is affiliated with.

                Have we not heard the phrase, “divide and conquer?” That’s exactly what our government and so many of our leaders are doing to all of us. They are keeping us divided and distracted as they tell us what we want to hear, not what we need to hear.

                The masses in America, which is the majority of our population, are falling for their self-serving propaganda hook, line, and sinker. We are allowing them to conquer us and eventually they will control us. We are allowing them to slowly and systematically strip all of us, including our children, of our freedom, our liberties, the American dream, and our way of life.

                Our country is being destroyed from within as predicted by past world leaders. Our government and so many of our leaders, not all of them, have stopped doing what is in the best interest of “we the people” and our once great nation a long time ago. Money, power, and greed, are in control, and fueling our demise.

Here’s the hard truth, which I know that so many of us do not want to hear, the United States is bankrupt and spiraling downward toward certain collapse and destruction.  

It seems that you who only hear what you want to hear, and see only what you want to see, desperately want to be a part of something big, so much so that you’re willing to sacrifice our freedom, our liberties, the truth, and our children’s future, to make it happen.  

Allow me to enlighten you. You’re on the wrong side. You are supporting a minority of politicians that care nothing about you, me, or the USA. They are using you to promote their careers and to increase and satisfy their insatiable desire for power, control, and wealth.  

No matter if you’re upper middle class, middle class, or the working class, we are the majority in America, the movers and shakers. We are the ones who get it done day in and day out, while Washington, and our so-called-leaders, play political volleyball with our lives.

Are you really willing to risk everything on a bunch of politicians on both sides of the aisle who have proven time and time again by their actions, and lack of actions, that they don’t care about us, or what is in the best interest of America? 

You need to channel your passion, and that fire that burns inside of you, and take that small step over to the winning side, the side that matters and the side that wants to get our once great country back on the right path, which is the majority of the citizens in America…the American middle class masses.

The truth: The problems that America is experiencing today is the fault of all of us. It has taken us a long time to get into this mess that we are in. It is going to take us a long time to get out of this mess. There is no easy fix. The one thing that I do know, it is going to take all of us working together to fix it, not just a select group, but all of us.

There is enough blame to go around for everyone. The blame game is over.

It is time for every citizen who loves the United States of America, every color of every race, every one of any and all political affiliations, and all religions, to wake up, unite, and take action. We must start working together. We are the majority, and the only ones who have the power to change the course of our history and get our once great country back on the right path.

Our future, and our place in history, is up to us.

United we can stand side by side, and take back what our government, our corrupt and self-serving leaders, and many in corporate America, are stealing from all of us.

Divided we will surly fall.


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