Thursday, July 2, 2015

Remembering America?



                America, our great country that we love is rapidly disappearing right before our eyes. If this is not evident to most of us by now, then perhaps many die-hard supporters of their political party of choice have become so obsessed with winning at any cost, they have unintentionally allowed themselves to be distracted by the game of politics. Whether you choose to accept it or not, we are all witness to a historical event, which is the fall of the greatest and most powerful nation in the world, the destruction of the American middle class masses, and the American Dream.

We all need to desperately understand before it is too late, our freedom and our liberties, are slowly, but intentionally, being chipped away. If we citizens of the United States of America don’t do something soon to stop it, our future generations will come to know a new form of slavery that will have nothing to do with race, and everything to do with the classes.

All this could happen as we transition from a democracy to a dictatorship. You think that this sounds absolutely ridiculous? Something as drastic as our government taken over by a dictator could never happen in the United States of America, the land of the free and the home of the brave. We all know that stuff like this only happens in third world countries. Think again, have you never heard of Presidential Executive Orders, and Marshall Law?

                An Executive Order is a specific power of the President and the executive branch as provided by the USA constitution in article II, section 1. This power allows the President of the United States the authority to create laws or determine how existing laws should be carried out. Executive Orders can be in direct conflict with Congress. These orders do not require Congressional approval to take effect but they have the same legal weight as laws passed by Congress. An Executive Order simply allows our President to do anything he wants. Marshall Law is the system of rules that take effect when the military takes control of the normal administration of justice. An Executive Order coupled with Marshall Law, is how we could swiftly go from a democracy to a dictatorship.

                As some American’s read this, I sure that their first gut instinct is to state most adamantly, “not in America, we would not allow it to happen!” I would reply, “Really?” Please, keep reading.

                What if we elect a new President in our near future who is extremely intelligent, very charismatic, highly educated, and demonstrates outstanding communication skills. This individual also has a unique and uncanny understanding of our nation’s problems. What we don’t know about this person is what will destroy all of us and our country. He has no values, no principals, no morals, feels totally superior to all of us in every way, is self-absorbed, a narcissist, with delusions of grandeur.

                This want-a- be President enters the political arena like a hurricane. He feels that the time is right to make his move. It is very apparent to him that all the pieces of this complicated puzzle are in place, and the odds are in his favor for him to be successful at destroying, then taking control of America. He sees a government that is full of corruption, out of control, out of touch, and stopped doing what is in the best interest of its citizens, and our once great nation. Most of its leaders have become corrupt, self-serving, and are for sale to the highest bidder. Corporate America is totally greed driven, and stopped taking care of the people who take care of them. Worst of all, but to his advantage, He sees the American middle class masses have become fat and lazy, and apparently have lost their will to fight. They have become so complacent, apathetic, and uninformed, not only do they allow Washington and their leaders to do their thinking for them, they collective seem to not give a damn anymore about their futures, to the point that they stopped holding their government, and elect officials, accountable for their actions. He sees a country that could not be more divided, and is ripe for the picking.  

This want-a-be President formulates a secret agenda to take over America. For his secret plan to work, a lot of things must happen. First: run for office, done. Second: get nominated, it happens. Third: win the election, mission accomplished. We now have a new President.

Our new President must now start planting seeds, and feeling people out, to discover who he can trust, and whom he can count on for support. Once he understands the lay of the land, and who he is dealing with, he then must discreetly solicit the support, and help, from the ruling class in Congress, along with as many of the other members of Congress as possible. Then his focus will be on swaying to his side several high ranking military leaders from all four branches of our military.

 The President promises to each member of Congress, and our military leaders who support his plan, a place of prominence in his inner circle. This will include more power and bigger budgets for each of them. He never reveals to anyone the entire details of his plan, which is ultimately becoming the first dictator of the United States of America.

Our new president uses the same method on Congress, and our military leaders, that Congress has used on the citizens of the United States for years, which is, “only tell the people what they want to hear, or tell them only what you want them to hear. Never tell them the truth unless the truth helps you and your plan.” He plays each of them for the greedy power hungry fools that they all have become.

As our once great nation goes rapidly from bad to worse, our new President, with the support of the majority of Congress, and most our military leaders in his back pocket, he will start the process that will implement his plan.

To keep our nation spiraling downward, and stay neutral and popular, our President will distance himself from any scandals, or bad publicity.  He will have his political army of Democrat and Republican puppets secretly work together in their on-going efforts to keep the masses divided, distracted, and fighting among ourselves. Members of Congress will continue to point the finger of blame toward their political counterparts for yet another fiscal cliff, our growing debt, and our on-going and unaddressed problems that is paralyzing and destroying the USA.

Our new President will then test the waters by crossing the country and having town hall meeting to see if he receives any resistance as he tells America that their President has the solutions that will solve all of our problems. He knows that most of the masses will believe whatever he tells them, as we allow him, and our dysfunctional leaders, to do whatever they want without question. Many misguided citizens will rally behind our President, as he places himself in a position as our only hope to salvage what is left of our struggling nation.

Approximately three years into our President’s second term, it feels right. He knows unemployment is at an all-time high, and poverty is growing exponentially. There are riots in the streets and hunger and homelessness has become the norm. More than half of our population is on some form of federal aid and dependent on our government to survive. When our Commander and Chief can see the panic, hopelessness, helplessness, dependency, and desperation, in the eyes, hearts, and souls, of most American citizens, he knows it’s time. He issues the Executive Order that he crafted years earlier, which places him in complete control. Somewhere in this Executive Order will be a directive that discontinues any presidential elections until our once great country and our faltering economy is stabilized, and we get back on the right path, which he will never allow to happen. Our President will then enact Marshall Law and curfews to control us. Once this takes place, the United States will have its first dictator.

It will take a while for so many of us to realize, or acknowledge, what happened, due to our unwillingness to see or hear the truth. By the time we take our blinders off it will be too late. Our freedom and liberties will be nothing but a memory. Most of our weapons will be confiscated to disarm the masses and discourage any thoughts of action or retaliation from us citizens. Our way of life that we love but flippantly took for granted, will be over. America will go down in our history books right beside all the other great nations that have fallen and failed before us.

What will be so humiliating and embarrassing for our children, and our children’s children to digest, will be the fact that “We the People” let it happen without putting up a fight. History will show, and the evidence will prove beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the events leading up to the fall of the United States of America, and the transition of our President becoming our first dictator, happened right before our very eyes, yet we did nothing to stop it from happening. Future generations to come will debate on the cause and effect of a government, its leaders, and corporate America, that became consumed and addicted to power and greed, that was fueled by the complacency, apathy, division, and denial, of the masses.

Our children, and their children, will have to pay a heavy price for many generations to come due to our ignorance, and lack of action. Future generations will have the absolute right to curse our names for now they will be living that new form of slavery that I mentioned earlier. With their freedom and liberties gone, our new dictator, and his puppet government, corporate America, the wealthy, the elite, the powerful, and the ruling class, will tell the newly established lower class, or underclass, what is right and wrong, and what is good and bad. They will be told where to work, how long they will work, how much they will get paid, where to live, where their children will go to school, and what will be taught in schools. There will be curfews, healthcare rationing, food rationing, gas rationing, water rationing, and censorship of all information to the lower class or underclass, supported by a government controlled media, in an on-going effort to keep the masses living in servitude, under control, and in the dark.  

Stories will be told for generations to come about a paradise lost. Some elderly will share their memories of the good old days when the United States of America was in its prime. They will talk about the American Dream and how wonderful life was. Debates will ensue concerning how the citizenry of a once great and powerful nation could forget that their freedom was a privilege, and a gift, that came with a price and great responsibility. This privilege, this gift, was paid for and given to them by the blood and sacrifice of their forefathers. Future generations will question why we took our freedom for granted and did not maintain, guard, and fight, for such a magnificent privilege. At some point the conversation will talk about the fools who allowed the United States of America, as predicted, to fall from within without a shot being fired. They will hear how we allowed whoever the sitting president was at that time, to take our great nation down, and how its masses did not lift a finger to stop him or her.  

Once several generations pass and there is no one left who lived the dream, the story of the United States of America will become somewhat of a fairy tale…a myth…too good to be true. It will be taught in future class rooms around the world about the rise and fall of this mythical United States of America. It will be questioned if these stories, this fairytale, is true, and not just one big exaggeration embellished over the centuries. If it is true, and the citizens of this once great nation allowed themselves to be so manipulated, and divided, by an apparent out of control, self-serving government, and its leaders, with the help and supported of many media outlets, and corporate America, and did nothing to stop it, then they got what they deserved.

James Madison, the father of our constitution warned, “The means of defense against foreign danger historically have become instruments of tyranny at home.” Abraham Lincoln had similar thoughts, “America will never be destroyed from outside. If we falter, and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.” Benjamin Franklin wisely warned, “We should not attempt to trade our liberty for security; if we do, we may end up with neither.” Nikita Khrushchev, former Russian leader had a quote pulled from a speech that he made before the U.N. in the early days of the cold war, “America will fall without a shot being fired. It will fall from within.” All these predictions from past leaders are now becoming a reality.

We all need to ask ourselves the following question, “Is this what we want, is it going to take the above scenario to happen before we pull our heads out of our collective derrieres, unite, and take action?”

We don’t need to be reminded of all the corruption, dirty deeds, shady deals, payoffs, scandals and cover-ups that take place in Washington on both sides of the aisle on a regular basis. We all know our government, our leaders, Democrats and Republicans alike, and corporate America, has become so addicted to power and greed, that they are allowing this unquenchable thirst of theirs to destroy America.

Here’s the good news. The masses in America, we can do something. We still have time, but first we must put aside out differences and start working together. 

We must also be keenly aware, as the clock ticks; our time is rapidly running out.

Think about it.